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I love to work with natural light and enjoy what that brings to my location shoots. How it can create moods and pick out detail within my images.
My portraits have an authenticity and honesty about them. I find myself making decisions about when to shoot in order to catch something faithfully whilst perhaps revealing something unexpected to help tell your story.
My photographs show an attention to detail and often reveal expression, a show of feeling or thought. I love showing beauty amongst the everyday in my photographs too.
Very few scenes in life are ever repeated exactly and for people and animals and their behaviour, never. Being able to record these moments for clients is a pleasure. Alongside this, I try to capture a bond. A connection between people, and people with their beloved animals.
“I love it when I look at my images and feel that I’ve caught something special. The most special moment.”
Above all, my images are designed to resonate with emotion and stand the test of time.

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